About Us

Shorefront is governed by a working Board of Directors. Additional support comes from the Board of Advisors and Honorary Board. As a nonprofit historical organization, Shorefront activities are supported by generous contributions, memberships and grants.

Board of Directors

Herman “Chip” Ratliff

Genie Lemieux-Jordan

Margo E. Robinson

Steven Frost
Rich Foreman
Skyla Hearn
Geneva Hallen
Steve Lemieux-Jordan
Nicole Parker

Board of Advisors

Angela Ford
Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Ed.D.
Horace “Kris” Graves
Parneshia Jones
Debi Chess-Mabie
Don D. Patterson
Morris E. Robinson, Sr.
Mary A. Trujillo, Ph.D.

Honorary Board

George Dotson
Alderman Delores Holmes
Rose Johnson
William Logan, Jr.
Oliver Ruff
Geri Sizemore


Dino Robinson

Past Directors

Debi Chess Mabie, 2004-2007
Joi-Anissa Russell, 2008-2012

Historical list of interns

Volunteer at the Legacy Center! Shorefront is an active acquisition center with over 170 cubic feet of documents and other tangible, many in need of further processing. Enhance your education with hands-on projects in reporting, scanning, preserving, research and cataloging both for individual credit fulfillment or long-termed classroom projects.

BMRC Interns

Dustin Wistman, 2012
Angelique Schuler, 2013

BMRC Fellows

Dr. Mary Barr, 2012 Summer
Doria Johnson, 2012 Summer


Tracy Francis, 2010-11
Oakton Community College

Syndhia Javier, Spring 2011
Lake Forest College

Talia M. Shambee, Summer 2011
Lake Forest College

Cassandra Harlan, 2011-14
Dominican University/Intern, Volunteer

Elizabeth Sanderson, Fall 2014
Dominican University/Intern

Nicole Gibby Munguia, Fall 2015
Dominican University/Intern

Katherine DAntico, Winter 2018
Dominican University/Practicum

Ana Rozado, Spring 2018
Northwestern University/Practicum

Celia Buckman, Summer 2018
Georgetown University/Intern

Raven Morris, Spring 2019
Northwestern University/Practicum

Ashley Whyte, Spring 2020
University of Illinois/Intern

High School

Laura Baker, Spring 2010
Evanston Township High School

Shoshanna Marie, Summer 2012
St. Scholastica

Taylor Avery, Summer 2012
Evanston Township High School

Past Volunteers

Andy Brommel
Serena Brommel
Lee Cabot
Lelia Lemieux-Jordan
Lilly Lemieux-Jordan
Lauren Robinson

Historical list of grantors and major contributors

Consider supporting Shorefront so that we can continue the programs, activities and outreach that benefit the entire North Shore communities. Thank you to the following entities and people for your support over the years.

Major Grantors

Major Supporters

  • Evanston Community Foundation
  • Evanston History Center
  • Evanston Photographic Studio
  • State Rep. Robyn Gable
  • Robinson Design

And from the hundreds of members supporting Shorefront over the years.



Dino Robinson’s independent research in 1995 led to the establishment of the Shorefront Legacy Center in 2002 to further the work in the collection and preservation of historic Black communities in Chicago’s northern suburbs. He is a past board president of the Evanston History Center and a founding board member of the Organization of Black Designers, Chicago (now Osmosis). Dino holds a degree in Advertising design with a minor in African American studies from Loyola University, Chicago. He has held creative positions in advertising, operated his own design firm and currently is at Northwestern University Press.

Within Shorefront, his avocation, Dino has written three books, produced the quarterly Shorefront Journal for ten years and its later transition to an online journal, designed and assembled multiple exhibits, lectured in multiple venues and established a growing archive of more than 120 linear feet of archival material related to the local Black communities.

Dino is the recipient of several awards including: The Community Leadership Association “Distinguished Leadership Award” (2002), Sappi “Ideas that Matter” (2004), the Mayors Award for the Arts (2008), and the Evanston NAACP Education award (2010). He has appeared on WTTW Chicago Tonight, Channel 7, local Cable Access TV, Chicago Tribune Magazine, The Chicago Reader and various local North Shore Publications.



An Evanston native, Ms. Johnson is a PhD Candidate in History, University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a University of Chicago, Black Metropolis Research Consortium Summer Fellow recipient and is doing her work at the Shorefront Legacy Center.

Ms. Johnson’s research examines the community, businesses, institutions and society our ancestors created. Specifically, she is studying the migration of African Americans from the South to Evanston, Illinois, a “domestic service suburb,” from 1910 to 1945.

Ms. Johnson routinely posts to her blog, Negro Scholar, on and about her experience as Black woman, a PhD candidate, life in Evanston, opinion, observations and critical though.

Ms. Johnson’s work “I Am Not What You Think I Am: African American Women in Evanston, Illinois” explores women’s life between 1920 and 1950, specifically those who worked as maids.